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Prevention is better than cure, wise words that can be applied to plumbing. We can ensure you have less interruptions by doing regular pipe maintenance. Once we fix your blocked drains, pipes or install your hot water heaters, we work our hardest to ensure these are well maintained once repaired. We get in fast and find any issues to which we then work tirelessly to resolve them.


O’Manuel Plumbing is only a phone call away at every hour of everyday, we specialise in emergency plumbing call-outs. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to handle any plumbing problem in Sydney. So if you’re having any late night trouble or early morning nightmares we will be right at your service to solve your problem!


Having problems with dreadful blocked toilets, pipes, drains and sewers? O’Manuel Plumbing offers emergency plumbing at any time to ensure you don’t have to suffer any longer then needed. We get in fast and find any issues to which we then work tirelessly to resolve. O’manuel Plumbing uses only the most resistant and reliable hardware to complete the work to the highest possible standard. If you’re wondering what causes blocked drains, the most common causes are fat and grease, hair, trees and leaves. We know the stress this can cause which is why our services are tailored to fix these problems fast!


O’manuel Plumbing has helped hundreds of people with water leaks and broken, noisy or leaking pipes. Burst and leaking pipes can be a major problem to your home. This is why it’s best to get in early and resolve any current issues as well as keeping a look out for potential issues. Get one of our handy employees to come check out your pipes and make sure they’re intact!


O’manuel Plumbing can fix your taps and toilets. Leaking toilets cause a range of issues to your home, not only do they increase your water bill majorly but they’re also noisy and annoying. Leaking taps and showers can also be a financial stress added onto your water bill. We can service all ranges of taps and faucets both indoor and outdoor. We can fix your taps by mixer taps, half turn and quarter turn taps, sensor taps and jumper washer taps. Call O’Manuel Plumbing and they’ll fix your toilet and taps in no time!


From your pilot not staying lit, too cold or too hot quickly, low water pressure, quickly running out of hot water, black or rusty water from the tap or taking up too much space- O’manuel Plumbing is here to help! Our skilled plumbers can save you from the impractical cost of installing a new water heater by repairing your existing one. We can fix the problem by installing solar heaters, storage heaters and heat pumps. All you need to do is call!


Whether you are considering it for heating or cooking, you need to entrust the installation to an experienced and qualified plumber! Our skilled plumbers can help you install your gas line to ensure your security and comfort at home. This task is not always suggested as a DIY option, so always choose the best and safest way by seeking the help of O’Manuel Plumbing. You may also wonder why choose gas? Gas saves you money by being more efficient than other energy sources, you can use it for a variety of appliances in your house, it’s environmentally friendly, adds value to your property, natural gas is one of the safest energy sources & most importantly, Australia has lots of it so it will never run out


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